New Yorkers- NYC Comptrollers office is holding $2 Million in unclaimed Prevailing Wage settlement funds

New Yorkers- NYC Comptrollers office is holding $2 Million in unclaimed Prevailing Wage settlement funds


What is a Prevailing Wage Award?

 New York City Comptroller enforces  laws that require private  employers/contractors  engaged in New York City public works projects or service contracts to pay set  the prevailing wage or living wage to their employees. If you work for a City contractor on a construction site or a service contract, you are  entitled to receive prevailing wages or living wages.

If you were underpaid, the Comptroller’s office also  works to recoup the amount of the underpayment plus interest due you. To find out if the Comptrollers office currently has funds for you or to claim underpayment read more at Prevailing Wages in NYC


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