Brooklyn Senior Homeowners signup for NYC Property Transaction Alerts To Protect your Brooklyn Home From Mortgage and Deed Fraud

Brooklyn Senior Homeowners sign up for NYC  Programs To Combat Mortgage and Deed fraud

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the District Attorney’s office of the Boroughs announced two new programs developed by the Mayor’s Financial Crime Task Force to stop mortgage and deed fraud.

“The first program digital finger print is a computer generated program that will search ACRIS, the city’s public record data base for unusual property activity-  such activity could be homes that change owners multiple times in a short period at varying sale prices, title transfers below market prices and properties sold at values below thresholds for mandatory reporting or tax filings.”

Property transaction Alerts is the second program. This program requires property owners to register with   for the Notice of Recorded Document program, which sends email , snail mail , or text alerts to owners whenever a document is filed on their property  or call 311 to register.

Senior  Brooklyn home owner should sign up for the property alert program  to be notified of any activity regarding their Brooklyn  real estate properties .  Brooklyn Seniors-  You brought the house, pay your mortgage , even purchased home owners insurance why not sign up for this added protection for your real estate home.


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