If You Are Thinking of Investing In Brooklyn Real Estate Here Are Some Real Estate Investment Terms That Your Should Know part 1


Real Estate Investment Terms

Adjusted basis- value of property used to determined the amount of gain or loss realized by an owner upon sale of the property; equals acquitition cost plus capital gains, improvements minus depreciation taken

Appreciation- An increase in property value

Boot- cash receive in a tax free exchange

Capital gain- is a profit realized fromt he sale or real estate investments, assets such as stocks , collectibles etc..

Capital loss- occurs when investment or other types of property is sold at a lost

Cash flow – income produced by an investment property after deducting operating expenses and debt.

Debt service- principal and interest on a debt

gross income- income received with out subtracting expenses

Leverage- the use of borrowed funds

Net operating income- gross operating income minus operating expenses


Michele Cadogan


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Brooklyn New York Real Estate Associate Broker Michele Cadogan is a Brooklyn NY real estate professional who understands the Brooklyn Real Estate Market. She makes the process of buying and selling real estate in Brooklyn a good experience. A long time Flatbush Brooklyn resident, she has a tremendous appreciation of the borough, its great history and its diverse communities. With a degree in Political Science and Economics she brings a balance perspective to the Brooklyn NY real estate experience. Experience in marketing Brooklyn New York homes to local, national and global buyers, clients can always expect quality service Truly a professional in a people oriented business. So, when you are looking for a real estate agent in Brooklyn to help you buy or sell a Brooklyn Real Estate home call Michele. Brooklyn homeowners if you want to sell your home call Michele for a Free Market Analysis of your Brooklyn home at 917-861-9166 Not ready to buy or sell a home in Brooklyn and simply looking to rent an apartment in Brooklyn or just curious about the price of home in your Brooklyn neighborhood. Call : Michele Cadogan Fillmore Real Estate Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker 917-861-9166 Your Brooklyn Real Estate Professional Brooklyn Real Estate homes for sale #BrooklynRealEstateForSale #MicheleKnowsBrooklynRealEstate #BrooklynHomesForSale
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